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Lishui Honghua Property Management Service Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Lishui Honghua Property Management Service Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006. It is a professional company dedicated to environmental city management services, urban and rural environmental sanitation integrated services and environmental solutions.

The company consists of Qingyuan Branch, Suichang branch, Hubei Daye branch, Daye branch, Wenzhou Yongjia security branch, Jinhua Yongkang branch. Service area of 20 million square meters or more, with more than 3000 employees, all kinds of sanitation operations machinery, vehicles more than 310.

The company has set up the quality control system and measures for the whole process of "environmental sanitation integration service", "intelligent sanitation" and "environmental sanitation PPP" project. In 2009, passed the quality management system ISO9001:2008 certification, environmental management system ISO14001:2004 certification, occupational health and safety management system AS18001:2007 certification. In addition, Lishui city was rated as "top ten civilized unit", "good faith demonstration enterprise" and "corporate credit rating AAA credit enterprise" and other honorary titles, it is Zhejiang province "heavy contract, keep promise", "golden promise" unit. For many years by the service city as advanced enterprises, excellent enterprises. In 2016 to join the cleaning industry association China branch of small and medium-sized enterprises and achieved the "executive director" award; adding China City Environmental Health Association, "member units" title in 2017 and made China cleaning industry national a level of qualification "," top ten Chinese cleaning industry cleaning service enterprise ", is a furniture making innovative and competitive environment to solve the enterprise overall health.

We will continue adhering to the "future of safflower effect to change the environment" of the enterprise mission, with "the world because I am more health" corporate vision, to further strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to make a greater contribution to the China environmental sanitation.

Service Items

City garbage removal and treatment; city (rural) Road (community) cleaning; city furniture cleaning and maintenance; illegal adlets cleaning; cleaning, water cleaning, water supply engineering public toilet sewage treatment; operation management; business building residential property management

Characteristic Business

Environmental sanitation integration, intelligent sanitation and environmental sanitation PPP

Contact Information

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Company address: No. 310, Tianning Industrial Zone, Liandu District, Lishui, Zhejiang, China