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Zhejiang Guoxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Zhejiang Guoxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang national security science and Technology Group Limited company owned subsidiary, the company was founded in 2016, is committed to professional wisdom and sanitation business investment and operating platform and garbage classification solutions. The company has a professional team focused on the sanitation industry for many years and has been devoted to the study of intelligent environmental sanitation team of experts. The company uses vision acquisition and identification, various sensors, wireless positioning systems, RFID, bar code identification, visual labels, computer software engineering and other technologies to build intelligent vision networking.

Future Ltd will continue to vigorously develop technical forces to enhance the overall quality of technical research teams. Singing the theme of sanitation with "wisdom".

Service Items

The elements of the sanitation complex intelligent sensing, automatic data acquisition, management, sanitation and sanitation business covers the complex management of daily affairs and sanitation sanitation garbage disposal, environmental pollution management, information communication and display, the collected data visualization and standardization, so that managers can visualize complex sanitation management.