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Our company won the "Eleventh consumer trust in Lishui" units

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On the afternoon of March 13, 2017, the Lishui municipal government, the Lishui credit office and the Lishui Municipal Commission for consumer protection undertook the launching of the "assured consumption in Lishui" activities, which was held in the city's Wan Fang plaza.

Consumer confidence in Lishui "to create activities around the new city of Lishui is the" law "," consumer credit outstanding network without "consumer rights theme, using the" 3.15 "International Consumer Day and consumer experience, such as law enforcement rights memorial, actively advocated in the whole society and lead civilization, honesty, healthy and rational consumption the way, to create an important carrier of harmonious consumption environment integrity assured.

The launching ceremony of listed leading to the 43 "Lishui city eleventh consumer credit unit" on behalf of the enterprise award, our general manager Jin Lingyun on behalf of the company to participate in the ceremony and to receive the award.