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On the significance and measures of environmental protection

* 来源 : * 作者 : admin * 发表时间 : 2020-03-18 * 浏览 : 18
ABSTRACT: The ecological environment and our life have a very close relationship, we use energy when the invisible to the environment has brought a lot of negative impact. As environmental problems become more and more serious, people begin to pay attention to environmental protection. Although our country has made some achievements in environmental protection, the overall development situation is not very good, management disorder, and environmental protection task can not be coordinated. The author analyzes the significance of carrying out environmental protection activities and the commonly used methods.
After years of struggle, the environment of our country has changed in general and is beginning to develop in a good direction, but it has not been dealt with at the root. The quality of both the water and the atmosphere is deteriorating, and our ecosystems are becoming fragile. Generally speaking, our country's current environmental control work is not very good.-the existing industrial and domestic pollution have not been dealt with well, and new problems are coming. The existence of these negative phenomena has seriously interfered with economic development. Why environmental protection work should be carried out 2.1 through environmental protection work, economic development can be promoted. The link between the environment and the economy is very close. Stable ecology is a necessary prerequisite for economic development, environmental problems from the root, is caused by improper development. It starts with economic development, and pollution must be dealt with as well as economic development. Only by doing environmental protection work well can economic development be promoted. Specifically, it is reflected in the following levels:-through the careful implementation of the planning environmental impact assessment, the EIA of construction projects and the "three simultaneous" system, the strict environmental access system, and the strict implementation of industrial and economic policies, the promotion of cleaner production and circular economy will help guide investment, adjust and optimize industrial structure, change economic growth pattern, and strengthen the macroeconomic control ability of scientific development. Second, by reducing the total amount of pollution and carrying out pollution control and ecological restoration projects, not only the environmental pollution load is reduced, but also the economic growth capacity is provided. The construction and operation of a new Sewage Treatment has proved to be the equivalent of creating a water environmental capacity for an industrial project, and the demolition of a coal-fired boiler and the "dumping" of a dispersed chimney has freed up a new small power plant, environmental capacity, but also to optimize the industrial structure. We can directly support and promote the economic development from the angle of environmental protection by activating the environmental assets and giving out the environmental space to accelerate the development of the new enterprises. Third, through the development of environmental protection activities can drive technological progress, better use of capital. Fourth, excellent ecological quality has become a key factor in the current urban competition, can increase the cohesion of cities, drive economic development 2.2 environmental protection is a direct reflection of people-oriented environment is an important prerequisite for our survival, only by protecting the environment can we protect the human beings. Through the development of environmental protection work, can ensure the safety of production and life activities, can ensure the safety of drinking water, inhalation of gas safety, food safety. - once water or air pollution, our body will have a lot of symptoms, such as the recent increase in the incidence of cancer is the most typical case. By analyzing the global environmental problems, we can know that many cases, such as the famous London Smog, can tell us the importance of environmental protection. At present, due to the rapid economic development, People's Food and clothing is no longer a problem, people pay more attention to the physical and mental health, concern is ecological health, the quality of the environment more and more stringent regulations. To improve the quality of life, increase life expectancy, has become the focus of the current work.