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Donate blood for free, sanitation workers are in action!

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Today, the blood station ushered in a group of "road angels" wearing orange overalls. These people are the sanitation workers of Honghua Property Management Service Co., Ltd. They hope to contribute a piece of love to the society with their "work of hand".

Sanitation workers actively cooperate with medical staff in various inspections and blood collections.

They infect us with their unpretentious smiles and warm the hearts of each of us.


Some sanitation workers go to work at 5:30 in the morning and use their breaks to come to donate blood. The sanitation workers gather their love and bright red blood together to give back to the society and pass on positive energy with practical actions.


In order to commend the employees for their dedication, the company has prepared rich and nutritious meals for the employees.


They are sanitation workers with ordinary jobs, dressing up the city where we live together with their hard work and sweat. Maybe their hands were stained, maybe their bodies were covered with dust, but to save lives, they stretched out their arms! Write great love with full of blood!