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Defend the Environmental Sanitation Position and Win the Battle of Epidemic Prevention and Control

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Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

1. Pay attention to the health and safety of frontline personnel

Each project department of Honghua Company distributes various protective equipment such as masks, gloves, disinfectant, etc. to all frontline personnel. All personnel must hold a green code on duty, conduct temperature monitoring, supervise mask wearing, and implement a "daily report" system to ensure safety on duty.

2. Propaganda of epidemic prevention knowledge

In order to further improve the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection, popularize prevention and control knowledge and strengthen prevention and control awareness, Honghua Company invited professionals from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to our company for epidemic prevention and control knowledge training. The prevention and control personnel, in combination with the characteristics of environmental sanitation work, explained in detail the knowledge of novel coronavirus pneumonia, work area protection, personal protection, home protection and medical procedures, and demonstrated how to correctly wear masks and how to dispose of discarded masks on site.

3. Normalization of epidemic prevention and control

To ensure the safety of frontline sanitation personnel, each project department strengthens the control of personnel handling, comprehensively grasps the situation of returning employees from other places, and conducts temperature tests before starting work every day. At least 3 body temperature tests per day. Strictly supervise and urge employees from other provinces and cities to report information, isolate themselves, take the initiative to undergo nucleic acid testing, and not cause trouble to the country and people.

4. Assault disinfection and sterilization

In order to prevent COVID-19 from rebounding, our company further refined the protective measures for front-line personnel and reserved sufficient disinfection and sterilization and protective articles. Strengthen the disinfection and sterilization efforts in urban public areas, strengthen the daily disinfection and sterilization frequency of facilities and equipment for putting, collecting, transporting and treating domestic garbage such as shell boxes, brooms, garbage cans, garbage trucks, and public toilets, garbage transfer stations, and expand the disinfection and sterilization scope around crowded places such as hospitals, supermarkets, stations, and key areas.

5. disinfection and sterilization in Public Places

We will implement regular epidemic prevention and control, continue to increase disinfection and sterilization efforts, focus on disinfection and sterilization operations in public places, and ensure that disinfection and sterilization is free of dead ends and disinfection and sterilization is fully covered. At the same time, a health examination system should be established. Once any sanitation workers are found to have symptoms such as fever and cough, they should be promptly arranged for medical treatment and reported according to regulations.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

In the face of the epidemic's counterattack, the people of Honghua will spare no effort to unleash the spirit of sanitation workers who are particularly capable of enduring hardship and fighting. At critical moments, they will unite and work together to prevent the epidemic scientifically, fully cooperate with the competent authorities, and will definitely win this "counterattack" battle! Contribute our Honghua strength to the vast masses of the people.