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Caring for employees | Sending a piece of morning glow and offering a share of care

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On June 24th, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau held a micro wish condolence activity. Li Shangchun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Quan Gangfeng, Deputy Director of the Office, and Lang Weihong, Deputy Director of the Innovation and Development Research Center, Wu Yanxun, Wang Yan, and Wu Pengpeng, six individuals, came to Honghua Company to condone with frontline environmental sanitation employees.


On June 21, 2021, Chen Jiangtao, the director of the Lishui High Speed Rail Center, led all party members of the center to distribute micro wish condolences to frontline environmental sanitation workers in the high-speed rail area.


Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

On June 24th, the landlady of Zuixian Pavilion in Huandiqiao, Hubei Province comforted the cleaning staff of Honghua and sent us comfort products.

Thank you to all sectors of society for their support and concern for Honghua. Give me a peach and repay Li. We believe that the power of Honghua will deliver a cleaner and safer city to the people by adhering to the original intention and demonstrating responsibility through dedication. May the friends from all walks of life who care and support Honghua be happy and healthy!