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Sending Cool and Refreshing to Frontline Employees in the Urban Construction Office of Qiansuo Street in Summer

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In recent days, Taizhou has experienced continuous high temperature weather, and Honghua Environmental Sanitation has always adhered to its position to ensure the city's appearance and environmental hygiene. On the morning of July 21st, Wang Ye, Director of the Urban Construction Office of Qiansuo Street, Wang Min, Deputy Director of Qiansuo Street Office, and Guan Fangyou, Deputy Director of Qiansuo Street Urban Construction Office, among others. On behalf of the previous street, I visited and comforted the representatives of environmental sanitation workers who held their posts under high temperatures, sending them the coolness and care of summer, and extending sincere greetings to us.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Qiansuo Street has brought us cool and refreshing supplies such as Wang Laoji, iced black tea, mineral water, and warm care and condolences.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

After delivering the comfort items to the sanitation workers, the leaders instructed that while doing a good job in environmental hygiene, they should also show consideration and care for the sanitation workers. The recent hot weather reminds everyone to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling!

The representative of Honghua said, "Thank you to the leaders for sending us summer comfort products. We will work even harder to clean up the environment and make the city more beautiful!" Others also expressed that even though it may be difficult or hot, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and make greater contributions to the environmental sanitation work in Taizhou city.