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《The 14th Five Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in Jilin Province》Policy interpretation: improve the green and low carbon cycle development system, cultivate and strengthen energy conservation and environmental protectio

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《The 14th Five Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in Jilin Province》Policy interpretation
Recently, the "14th Five Year Plan" for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in Jilin Province (referred to as the "Plan") was officially issued and implemented. We will now interpret the background significance, compilation basis, planning framework, goal setting, key tasks, and other aspects of the "Plan".
1、 Background significance
Cultivating strategic emerging industries is an important lever for deepening supply side structural reform and implementing the innovation driven development strategy. It is also an important support for industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as the transformation of old and new driving forces. It is the core driving force for accelerating the construction of a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development. The "Plan" is a key special plan for the 14th Five Year Plan of our province, which is formulated by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The scientific compilation and implementation of the "Plan" is an important measure to accelerate the high-quality development of strategic emerging industries in the province, an important support for implementing the "one main, six double" high-quality development strategy, and an important means to achieve the goal of "two guarantees, one lead". It is of great significance for strengthening the supporting role of strategic emerging industries in the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin.
2、 Compilation basis
According to the Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Jilin Province on Doing a Good Job in the Compilation of the 14th Five Year Plan for Jilin Province (Ji Zheng Ban Han [2020] No. 61), and in accordance with the 14th Five Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Jilin Province and the Outline of Long Range Goals for 2035, based on the development level, industrial distribution, and foundation of strategic emerging industries in the entire province, fully considering the national upper level plan and the special plan for key fields in Jilin Province, And effectively coordinate with the "14th Five Year Plan" development plans of various cities (prefectures), and complete the preparation of the "Plan" on this basis.
3、 Planning framework
The plan is divided into three major sections, totaling twelve parts. The first section is the first part, which mainly summarizes the development foundation of the 13th Five Year Plan, analyzes the situation faced by the 14th Five Year Plan, and clarifies the guiding ideology, basic principles, and main goals for the development of strategic emerging industries during the 14th Five Year Plan. The second section consists of the second to eleventh parts, which propose key tasks for the development of strategic emerging industries in our province during the 14th Five Year Plan period, focusing on 10 aspects. The third section is the twelfth part, proposing specific measures to ensure the implementation of the Plan from six aspects.
4、 Goal setting
The "Plan" is based on the actual development of Jilin, taking into account the importance, accessibility, and connectivity with the national upper level planning of indicators, and studying and determining the development goals for the "14th Five Year Plan" period. The "Plan" proposes to further expand the scale of strategic emerging industries by 2025, creating three hundred billion level industries of new generation information technology, biology, intelligent networking, and new energy vehicles, as well as two 50 billion level industries of high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials. The proportion of the output value of strategic emerging industries above designated size in the total output value of industries above designated size in the province will increase by 1 percentage point annually, and reach 18.7% by the end of 2025, Strategic emerging industries have become an important support for the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial base in Jilin, with significantly improved innovation capabilities, further optimized industrial structure, and more reasonable industrial layout.
The "Plan" compares the long-term goal of basically achieving socialist modernization in the province and looks forward to the development vision for 2035: strategic emerging industries will become the core force driving the sustainable development of the economy and society in our province, cultivating and forming a group of innovative leading, factor enriched, spatial intensive, livable and suitable for business strategic emerging industry development highlands.
5、 Key Tasks
First, accelerate the Digital transformation and promote the integrated development of the new generation of information technology industry. Centering on the construction goal of "Digital Jilin", accelerate the integration of new generation information technology such as Industrial Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, aerospace information, laser technology and manufacturing, promote industrial digitalization and digital industrialization, and create a digital industry cluster.
The second is to comprehensively enhance innovation capabilities and promote the overall leap in the level of the biological industry. Guided by the innovation of the entire industry chain, we will build the Changliao Meitong Baiyan Medical and Health Industry Corridor, comprehensively enhance the innovation and development capabilities of the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries, accelerate the industrialization process of biological agriculture and biological manufacturing, and promote high-quality development of the biological industry.
The third is to comply with the development trend of intelligent networking and promote the large-scale development of the new energy vehicle industry. Focus on the development direction of electrification, intelligence, and networking in the automotive industry, strengthen the cross integration of the electronic information industry and the automotive industry, take intelligent manufacturing as the lead, promote the increase of vehicle production scale, and promote the growth and strength of the new energy vehicle industry.
The fourth is to focus on intelligent, clustered, and service-oriented development, and enhance the competitiveness of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Focusing on the major equipment needs of the country, focusing on areas such as railway passenger cars, intelligent manufacturing equipment, aviation equipment, satellite manufacturing, and high-end agricultural machinery, we will focus on addressing shortcomings, strengthening the chain, increasing capacity, and enhancing advantages, improving the level of supporting facilities within the province, promoting industrial agglomeration development, and creating a high-end equipment manufacturing base with international competitiveness.
Fifth, expand application areas and enhance the guarantee capacity of the new material industry. Adhere to the development path of technology leading and innovation driven, promote the coordinated development of the new materials industry with industries such as automobiles, high-speed rail, aviation, and new energy, enhance the support capacity of the new materials industry, and promote the construction of a new materials industry system with outstanding innovation capabilities and distinct industrial characteristics.
Sixth, promote the development of the entire new energy industry chain and create a national level new energy production base. We will firmly adhere to the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, accelerate the R&D and industrialization of new energy materials and new energy equipment, promote industrial cluster development, orderly promote the promotion and application of clean energy such as hydrogen energy, and build a national new energy production base with the support of improving core innovation capabilities and breaking through key technologies.
Seventh, improve the green and low carbon cycle development system, and foster and expand energy conservation and environmental protection industries. Adhere to the energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon orientation, support green technology innovation, improve resource and energy utilization efficiency, enhance green competitiveness, vigorously develop the circular economy, comprehensively promote green development, establish and improve the economic system of green and low carbon cycle development, create a beautiful China Jilin model, and provide a solid guarantee for achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality.
Eighth, we will vigorously cultivate emerging service industries and promote the development of new forms of industry. Seize the significant opportunities brought by the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, cultivate new entities, models, and formats that support emerging service industries, promote innovation in service concepts, models, and technologies, and create a new situation where emerging technologies deeply integrate with various industries and promote mutual progress.
The ninth is to plan and develop future industries in a forward-looking manner, and cultivate the continuation force of emerging industries. In the fields of artificial intelligence, laser communication, strategic materials, quantum technology, hydrogen energy technology, etc., cultivate and form a group of future industries with strong leadership and competitiveness, and seize the commanding heights of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation.