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Mr. Jin summarized the work for the whole year of 2022 and the company's strategic plan for 2023

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1) Mr. Jin explained the company's specific development plan for listing, structure, and other aspects in 2023

2) Mr. Jin commented on and empowered the work mode of the national insurance Jilin team

3) Mr. Jin conducts team building planning and team values and ideas planning

4) Mr. Jin listened to the summary of work achievements and feedback on issues from department heads and employees for 2022


During the meeting, each department will elaborate on internal summaries and plans, while also highlighting any conflicts they may encounter. And conduct discussions.

Mr. He summarized:

1) A comprehensive analysis was conducted on the work situation of Jilin Company in 2022, including performance expansion, market analysis, major customer situation, technical level internet finance online payment progress, preliminary preparation of the rubber powder factory, work nodes of the rubber powder factory, environmental impact assessment and fire inspection situation, company personnel and administrative system, team building direction, and then multi-dimensional and comprehensive comprehensive analysis was carried out, including policy follow-up at the government level and policy support for industrial alliances, Point out the achievements and shortcomings of 2022 using data and case studies, while identifying and filling in gaps, and make a good work plan for 2023;

2) Based on the strategic planning goals of the enterprise in 2023, we will develop tasks and performance evaluation indicators for each quarter and month of the year in Jilin District. Quantitative indicators will be implemented on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, and the evaluation indicators will be publicly announced. The completion rate, planned progress, and task gaps will be reported on a weekly basis. We will always be data-driven and result oriented, comprehensively controlling business trends, and focusing on performance as the first hurdle.

Mr. Miao is planning for the next 23 years:

Analyze the target data, layer by layer explain the origin of performance indicators and task performance, and use internet thinking to analyze and explain the work focus of forming a business closed-loop and business service orientation based on the platform. Through the presentation of data, comprehensively achieve the strategic goal of controlling the market and industry. Play a good scale war, scientifically view the development buffer zone of the platform, promote the subsequent use of marketing activities to stimulate the construction of the Huilun Network platform, establish a membership system, cultivate product thinking, and achieve technological flexibility on the basis of unchanged principles, thereby seizing the market and winning the opportunity.

Finally, General Manager Jin provided insightful guidance to the team, emphasizing simplicity in life, simplicity in doing things, result orientation, and the belief in success or failure as heroes. She demanded that we change our traditional thinking mode and establish a sense of crisis. After all, as the market tide rolls forward, if we don't advance, we will retreat. With the continuous entry of capital, there is not much time left for us to wait, wait, and hesitate. Currently, setting goals, unifying our thinking, and taking quick action are the top priorities, We have come here in 2022, bringing valuable data and experience. Although our performance has been poor, the company recognizes everyone's hard work. In the new year, we hope the team can continue to make efforts, eliminate rough and refined, eliminate internal friction, and strive to move forward. We will continue to spare no effort to provide Jilin Company with the greatest support and support in 2023. We look forward to seeing good news about Jilin Company's strategic expansion, Looking forward to celebrating the achievements of the three armies in the spring of 2023 when the flowers bloom! Come on, guys!