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Lishui City


Service area introduction

Lishui, a total of nine counties, known as "Zhejiang province", the ecological environment quality in Zhejiang province first, Chinese public satisfaction forefront, the quality of ecological environment continues to rank first in Zhejiang province. It has been named as the third national ecological demonstration area, "China Excellent Tourism City" and "China excellent eco-tourism city". This project has become the highlight and model of environmental construction in Zhejiang, Lishui and even in china.


Service Items

To solve the problems such as the lagging development of rural environmental sanitation work, the "garbage village" and the "dirty environment".


The implementation of the "integration" construction, environmental infrastructure extends to rural areas, the development of "ecological" project, and vigorously promote the use of rural resources recycling, to carry out comprehensive renovation, to create a clean and beautiful environment of new countryside.

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