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Sludge treatment


The main process of sludge treatment in State Environmental Protection Science and technology group is:

  1. concentration: preliminary dehydration and reduction of sludge volume. After the sludge is concentrated, it can be convenient for subsequent treatment. The common methods of concentration include gravity sedimentation, floating enrichment and so on.

  2. Digestion: further reduce the amount of sludge, facilitate treatment, reduce environmental harm and improve the value (recovery of methane generated by further use). Commonly used digestion method is through microbial metabolism, sludge decomposition, removal of special odor, killing harmful substances, such as parasites, eggs and so on.

  3. Dehydration and drying: easy transportation. After the first two steps, the water content is thrown away. It needs to be dried by natural evaporation or mechanical dehydration.

  4. Incineration: completely removes moisture and organic impurities. Step, water is still around 13%, toxic substances commonly used incineration treatment of water and some are not suitable for manure or hard substance use.

  5. Final treatment: toxic substances such as heavy metals are often treated with deep burial methods.


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