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Solid waste disposal


The solid waste treatment, solid waste treatment, usually refers to the physical, chemical, biological, physicochemical and biochemical methods to solid waste into process for transportation, storage, use or disposal of the solid waste treatment goal is harmless, decrement and resource. The environmental technology group, there are six main types of solid waste disposal:

Compaction technology: through the waste reduction, reduce transportation costs and extend the life of landfill pretreatment technology.

Crushing technology: reduce waste shape, eliminate voids, uniform size, texture, mainly impact, crushing, cutting, crushing, crushing, friction, crushing, low-temperature crushing and mixed crushing.

Sorting technology: an important way to realize the reduction of solid waste recycling, sorting through the useful fully elected to use, will be fully separated harmful; another is the different granularity level waste to be separated, the basic principle is to use some of the material sorting of the differences, will leave the. Sorting includes manual picking, screening, gravity sorting, magnetic separation, eddy current sorting, optical sorting, etc..

Curing processing technology: adding curing to substrate waste, the hazardous solid waste containment or fixed a harmless in an inert substrate of curing process can be divided into heavy solidification, asphalt solidification, glass curing and curing glioma.

Incineration and pyrolysis: the process of treating solid waste by high temperature decomposition and deep oxidation. The advantage is that a large amount of harmful waste materials are decomposed into harmless substances.

Biological treatment technology: decomposition by microorganisms of organic solid waste to make it harmless to the organic solid waste into energy, food, feed and fertilizer, can also be used for the extraction of metals from waste and waste, is the effective method of curing technology of the waste of resources.


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