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Jilin Guobao Technology Co., Ltd

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Company Profile

Jilin Guobao Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2021 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is now located in Misha Town, Dehui City, Changchun City. It is an intelligent enterprise subordinate to Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd., which is specialized in Internet platform, committed to achieving Recycling and recycling in the new era, and building a professional circular economy system.

The company has extended the waste tire recycling system, put it into use in all regions of the three provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, and increased data integration through the Internet and the Internet of Things to achieve online booking, door-to-door recycling, centralized disposal and other business models. The recycling network covers 300 cities across the country as a whole, achieving an annual collection and storage scale of 6 million tons of waste tires, and achieving an annual revenue of 9 billion yuan. That is, to standardize the industry as a whole, Huilun will become the largest online recycling platform for waste tires in China in the future, so as to solve the most important Hard problem of consciousness problem of raw material supply in the circular economy.

The company adheres to the corporate spirit of innovation, pragmatism, mutual benefit, and win-win, following the concept of technology as the driving force, improving the industry status quo, and becoming a leader in the tire recycling and recycling industry that benefits the country and the people. The company has gradually improved its policy system for the recycling of waste materials, and the level of resource recycling has also been further improved. With unwavering determination, the company will become a leading benchmark enterprise in the domestic waste tire recycling industry in terms of processing capacity, intelligence, technology, efficiency, and research and development capabilities.

Company Vision: Driven by technology, improving the current situation of the industry, flying dreams with integrity, and harvesting hope with precision technology.

Business philosophy: Rely on the Internet platform, realize Recycling and recycling in the new era, and build a recycling economy system.

Company values: efficient, responsible, innovative, pragmatic, and diligent.

Service Items

Comprehensive business scope, including technology development, consultation, exchange, transfer, and promotion; Information technology consulting and integration services; Research and development of resource recycling technology; Recycling Recycling (except productive scrap metal), processing and sales; Finished oil storage (excluding hazardous chemicals); General cargo warehousing services (excluding hazardous chemicals and other projects that require licensing and approval); Environmental consulting services; Consultation on resource recycling service technology; Manufacturing of specialized equipment for environmental protection; Sales of specialized environmental protection equipment; Operational services for rural household waste; Processing and processing of non-metallic waste and debris; Solid waste management, etc.

Characteristic Business

Recycling of waste materials, AI intelligent technology, and recycling programs.

Registration certificate of renewable Recycling operation

Renewable Recycling operation record enterprise - Jilin Guobao

Record Registration certificate of renewable Recycling operation - Jilin Guobao