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The company offers Dragon Boat Festival benefits

* 来源 : * 作者 : admin * 发表时间 : 2017-05-28 * 浏览 : 30

Zongye fragrance, another year of the Dragon Boat festival. Recently, the staff of each branch, the project Department of the company faces overflow received a jubilant smile, dumplings, salted egg, bean, sugar and a variety of heatstroke drugs and other traditional delicacy and other summer activities.

When the festival comes, all the company staff will feel the company full of love. This year's Dragon Boat Festival is no exception, a heavy gift, reflecting the company's meticulous attention to staff. A day, each branch, the project department welfare place employees in order to receive the racket, "Dragon Boat Festival welfare, happiness with a smile on their face, the person in charge of issuing point I wish everyone a happy holiday, and the summer cooling, do cleaning work safety precautions and requirements the instructions and tips. Employees are also pleased to express their gratitude to the leadership of the company for their concern and will do their job with greater enthusiasm and efforts.