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Companies organize sanitation workers free blood donation, love

* 来源 : * 作者 : admin * 发表时间 : 2017-06-17 * 浏览 : 19

For the June 14th world blood donor day, the company sent to all employees to donate blood donation initiative, organize blood donation, company personnel are encouraged to register, actively participate in blood donation, blood donation vehicle personnel to more than.The general manager of the company, Jin Yun, was also busy with the time to join the blood donation activities with the staff.

Safflower face hanging relaxed and simple smile, readily roll up the sleeves, testing, blood donation, several people failed to detect because of this special regret. After the donation, we gave up the rest, directly back to the post, the spirit of selfless dedication, respect people. It is precisely because there are tens of thousands of people as simple and kind as red flowers, the world is full of warmth and love.

The picture shows general manager of our company, Kim Yun Yun, who is donating blood with his employees: