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The company holds the first post skill promotion training

* 来源 : * 作者 : admin * 发表时间 : 2017-06-26 * 浏览 : 37
At six pm on June 25, 2017, after several days of planning and preparation, in the nine village village building, safflower first company job skills upgrading training formal classes, training plan lasted 4 days, attended by nearly 300 people, general manager of the company, Jin Ling Yun, deputy general Zou Lijun, Hong Zhiyu, Minister of justice Qiao Jian and the project department is responsible for people attended the opening ceremony. The company invited the sanitation bureau director Zhu, director of Saul, Vientiane Zijin Wang director of sanitation bureau leaders personally went to the scene to guide teaching, a detailed explanation of the problem and the cleaning staff responsibilities and safety and create a national civilized city welcome inspection work is the key points, etc.. The atmosphere at the school was warm and the staff listened to their attention and made notes carefully. The excellent training of the Bureau led to enthusiastic applause from time to time.

The training is designed to enhance the company's employee job operating skills, strengthen the actual work of the staff safety awareness, standardize and strengthen the cleaning work requirements and standards, dedication, diligence, striving to be the most beautiful flowers under the new situation of sanitation.