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Cohesion and Joy Walking Together

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In order to further enhance team cohesion, enhance team execution, and enhance departmental friendship, various branches of Zhejiang Honghua Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in the Taizhou region organized a one day Linhai Jiangnan Grand Canyon 2021 Spring outing team building activity on April 10th.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Honghua people wear badges uniformly

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

After the free activity ends, enter the first off-road kart activity

The staff carefully introduced the precautions to everyone

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

The team members holding a C-license driver's license and their companions experienced a thrilling off-road kart race, feeling the thrill of speed while ensuring safety. The kart rides close to the ground, and the excitement of the kart is not only reflected in its elegance, but also in the excitement of galloping out of the mud.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

After the off-road kart, I entered my favorite picnic session

Happy dumplings, baked sweet potatoes, and eating taro make each other more friendly and harmonious.

After a picnic at noon, people living in the sanitation industry of Honghua adhere to the principle of less garbage and more fragrance, pay attention to cleaning the site and washing dishes.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

In the afternoon team building game, all members are divided into four teams, with four post-90s team leaders selecting members from various age groups to brainstorm and brainstorm for the team. Each team is full of passion and fighting spirit.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

In the Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel event, four teams compete in pairs, shouting slogans to work together, unite as one, and quickly run towards the finish line.

Table tennis relay activities involve teams standing in a row, each with 2 pipes. The table tennis ball passes through each member's 2 pipes until the last member is considered successful. A total of 6 balls need to be passed, and the ball needs to be counted again when it lands.

In the obstacle relay activity, each team leader arranges all members of their team and sorts different members for the three projects. Team cooperation is required, and the advantages of each team member need to be utilized to minimize time.

After the game is over, the referee team collects data from each team and evaluates their performance. In addition to their rankings, they also evaluate the Most Needs Improvement Award and the Best Team Award. At the same time, all members of the winning team learn from each other and work together.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

By sharing the gains and experiences from the expansion training, friendship, trust, and understanding have been enhanced between each other, establishing a positive and upward team spirit. At the end of the activity, everyone expressed their intention to apply the knowledge, concepts, and spirit gained from the activity to their work and make greater contributions in their respective positions. Finally, all participating members took a group photo as a souvenir, and cleaned up the garbage on the site to ensure cleanliness and not to burden the staff.