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Qingyuan Branch comprehensively carries out post flood urban restoration and cleaning work

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Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Recently, the heavy rainstorm in Qingyuan County caused mudslides in many main streets and alleys. As soon as the rain stopped, dredging entered "combat time". After understanding the situation, Qingyuan Branch immediately dispatched an emergency team to complete the dredging work after rain according to the instructions of the Environmental Sanitation Department.

Post disaster situation

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Lishui City is in the period of concentrated precipitation. heavy rainstorm has occurred continuously in Qingyuan County. The water in some areas is up to 20 cm deep, and the water has faded, leaving a lot of mud and tree branches on the road. The sidewalks are overflowing with mudslides, and there are mudslides in the community alleys.

There are piles of sand and stones on the road surface, and there is water accumulation on the road surface

Mudslides overflow at intersections and tree holes

Dredging in action

All emergency sanitation workers from Qingyuan Branch are mobilized to concentrate on dredging!

Honghua people cooperate and coordinate, some use clamps to pick up debris on the manhole cover, some are responsible for cleaning up garbage with brooms, and some use water guns to clean up residual mud on the ground.

Cleaning the entrance of Huamei Home Furnishing City store and a corner of Xinjian Road

Cleaning of the Mushroom Source and Starlight sections

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Cleaning of the Shanxu section

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Honghua people carry forward the spirit of "not afraid of hardship, not afraid of difficulties"

Clean up the main and secondary road surfaces and various sections in the urban area

Thoroughly remove accumulated debris on the road

Invoke sprinkler trucks to carry out key cleaning on major urban roads

Sweep to achieve full coverage without leaving any dead corners

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

During the homework process, in order to quickly clean up garbage and sediment. Qingyuan Branch immediately entered a flood prevention emergency state, quickly implemented the flood prevention plan, mobilized a large number of mechanical equipment, and fully invested emergency workers. Repeated cleaning of roads, high-quality completion of post rain dredging work, providing citizens with a clean and beautiful city!