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Assisting in the college entrance examination, Honghua is taking action

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Cheer up for the college entrance examination
Cheer up for the college entrance examination, may you live up to your youth
The moment you have
It is the most brilliant fireworks of youth

Peak shifting operation:

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In order to ensure the environmental hygiene during the college entrance examination period, all branches of our company have arranged and sorted out key road sections in their jurisdiction in advance, and carried out staggered operations. Mechanized vehicles have pressed the "mute button" during the operation period and switched to flashing warning lights, providing a clean, quiet, and tidy environment for the majority of candidates.

Assisting in the college entrance examination, Honghua is taking action0 (2).jpg

Increase efforts in general cleaning and cleaning of fruit shell boxes. Strictly abide by the environmental sanitation operation standards, assign more cleaning personnel on key roads, and increase the patrol cleaning efforts on key road sections. At the same time, timely collection of waste bins on key roads should be carried out, and the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of waste bins should be increased to create a good environment for candidates.


Increase the frequency of mechanized operations. Clean and flush the main roads in a comprehensive manner, adopting a human-machine operation mode to ensure that there are no blind spots in key areas. On the basis of avoiding peak pedestrian flow, adjust the frequency of mechanized flushing in a timely manner to reduce dust pollution and improve road cleanliness.


Strengthen patrol cleaning efforts. Increase patrols on major roads, report any unexpected situations immediately, and prevent garbage accumulation. Ensure daily production and cleaning of household waste, ensuring that garbage bins are not overfilled and garbage does not accumulate. Focus on ensuring the environmental sanitation quality of major road sections.

The college entrance examination is an important exam in life, and all efforts should win applause
All personnel of Zhejiang Honghua Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Wishing all students in the college entrance examination to achieve their ideal grades
Classmates, come on!

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