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Summer brings a refreshing collection

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On a scorching summer day, volunteers from "Red Carp" in Liandu District, Zuoqumen Community, Dashuimen Community, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Leifeng Station in Zhang'an Street joined hands with Zhang'an Ouyi Special System doors and windows to bring summer coolness to Honghua Environmental Sanitation.

Volunteers from the "Red Carp" program provide fresh air to sanitation workers in communities and urban villages

Left Qumen Community Condolences Frontline Sanitation Workers in the Jurisdiction

Dashuimen Community's condolences to frontline sanitation workers within its jurisdiction

Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Condolences Frontline Employees

Zhang'an Street Leifeng Station's "Heat Relieving Herbal Tea Refreshes People's Heart, Caring for Environmental Sanitation and Warming People's Heart" Activity

Thank you very much to people from all walks of life for their concern and care for Honghua Environmental Sanitation, which also reflects the importance that all sectors of society attach to our environmental sanitation work. We will also turn the love and care from all sectors of society into a strong spiritual driving force, and actively devote ourselves to the environmental sanitation industry with 100% enthusiasm, hard work, and practical resilience.