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2022 Autumn Investment Promotion Key Projects Centralized Signing Ceremony in Dehui City

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On September 29, 2022, Jilin Guobao Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. signed a key investment attraction project with the People's Government of Dehui City. Li Weishu, Vice Mayor of Changchun Municipal Government, Liu Ming, Director of Changchun Municipal Government Cooperation and Exchange Office, Zhao Mingrui, Director of Changchun Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Xue Chunlong, Director of Changchun Development and Reform Commission, Shen Hongye, Secretary of Dehui Municipal Party Committee, Ding Riwei, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Liu Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Shang Zujun, Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Zheng Yufeng, Secretary of Misha Town Party Committee Zhai Yundong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuchengzi Town, as well as leaders from relevant departments, media friends, and guests from various enterprises who have signed contracts, jointly attended the signing ceremony for key investment projects in the autumn.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

Dehui City covers a fertile land of 3322 square kilometers, with a per capita disposable income of 18555 yuan for residents. Ranked first in other counties and cities of Changchun City and third in counties and cities of Jilin Province. Dehui City has deeply implemented the "Six Cities Linkage" development strategy of Changchun City, accelerated the promotion of the city's economic development, made every effort to promote project positioning, and seized the golden period of project construction to hold this concentrated signing ceremony for 19 projects, with a total agreed investment of 26.6 billion yuan.

This signing is an inevitable choice for Jilin Guobao Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. to develop to a higher level, stronger strength, and larger goals. Relying on the strategic layout of the circular economy industrial park, we will build an ecological green factory for the recycling and utilization of waste tires, accelerate the implementation of unified layout and management, and create a comprehensive industrial chain for tire cracking, rubber powder, and carbon black recycling throughout the entire life cycle of tires, Following the "Construction Plan for a" Waste free City "during the 14th Five Year Plan period in Jilin Province" and the "14th Five Year Plan for Circular Economy Development", a 600000 ton waste tire recycling project has been planned and established in the Dehui Misha Town Circular Economy Industrial Park. The first phase of the project involves a 200000 ton continuous cracking project, which will be built into a digital system platform and an intelligent factory for office, management, and production automation. Create a garden style factory area with industrial tourism demonstration significance that integrates sightseeing, inspection, and research in Industry 4.0.

Before the ceremony, the media conducted an exclusive interview with Chairman Xu Songtao regarding the 600000 ton waste tire recycling project; The main focus is on the handling of pre project procedures, the construction of ecological parks, and the production process of carbon black. Chairman Xu Songtao stated that; At present, the procedures have received strong support from competent departments at all levels and are gradually progressing smoothly. And currently, China's carbon black production process is in a period of transition between old and new. We will fill in this gap and lead the industry in setting a benchmark.

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group

As Xu Songtao, Chairman of Jilin Guobao Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., stated in his speech as a representative of the contracted enterprise, investing in Dehui City is based on optimistic development prospects. Dehui City has unique advantages in location, transportation, and resources. With the in-depth implementation of the "Changji Map" and "Changji Integration" strategy, it will be a must-have place for enterprise development.

The second is to believe in the investment environment of Dehui City. When the enterprise settles in Dehui City, it firmly believes that it will receive the full support of the leaders of the Dehui Municipal Committee and Government, and fully cooperate with the project service team to help the enterprise coordinate and solve various difficulties, promote the smooth progress of the project, and provide the highest quality full service, which is enough to demonstrate that there is a good investment soft environment here. Guobao firmly believes that this is the most suitable land for investment and entrepreneurship.

The third is to be moved by the true feelings of Dehui people. After multiple contacts, I have felt the simple and atmospheric, efficient and pragmatic, diligent and upward spirit of the leaders of Dehui City and Misha Town, especially their enthusiasm and sincerity. Therefore, Guobao Group is willing to join this hot land and contribute its modest efforts to the development and takeoff of Dehui's economy.

Chairman Xu Songtao is determined to achieve an annual production scale of 600000 tons and a revenue of 2 billion yuan in Dehui City in the next three years. Within five years, the company will build modern green factories with a processing capacity of 3 million tons in multiple provinces across the country. Collaborate with well-known domestic universities to build laboratories and doctoral and academician workstations, and create a global high-tech fragmentation industry chain. Intelligent production of carbon black for deep processing, bringing its production line to an international leading level, and achieving a new economic growth model for environmental protection of carbon black products through the recycling and reuse of waste tires.

Taking advantage of this centralized signing, Jilin Guobao Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. cooperates with relevant parties, concentrates advantageous resources, fully promotes project construction, achieves early start, construction, and production, and strives to repay the love and expectations of leaders at all levels of Dehui City for Guobao with first-class performance!

Zhejiang Guobao Environmental Technology Group